Although Frenchies generally do not have special dietary needs, proper nutrition helps to make your French Bulldog happy and healthy. Because they have short and broad muzzles, this makes it difficult for them to eat or drink from a regular dog bowl. A shallow dish or bowl will help accommodate your pup’s facial structure.

According to the French Bull Dog Club of America, there are no specific guidelines for feeding Frenchies. Ideally, your dog will be on a meat-based diet, as dogs require meat to stay healthy. High-quality dry food is recommended for French Bulldogs when a nutritionally balanced meat-based diet is not available. Select what is most appropriate to feed your French bulldog based on you and your pet’s needs and preferences.


Wheat products can cause digestive distress such as flatulence in some Frenchies. Foods containing corn products and fillers with too much protein can cause a French Bulldog to develop skin irritation or rashes. If your French Bulldog has food allergies, consult your vet for feeding recommendations.